The Diocese of Joliet officially established St. Bernard's Parish in December of 1978. The rectory on Parker Road and 12 acres of property for future building were also purchased at this time. The philosophy of the founding father, Fr. Thomas Schutter, was to build the community first, and building later.

In September of 1979 Religious Education classes for children were started at the Goodings Grove School and Mass was moved from Schilling School to Goodings Grove.

Funding for the church building came from the concept of parish tithing and after a few years of working with a building committee, ground-breaking took place on November 22, 1986. Chicago architect, John Voosen, used natural material fitting to the area, such as Joliet limestone, and created a long and low shaped building to fit the rolling landscape.

The building is has a three-fold function: a place to worship, to educate, and to socialize.  We are currently exploring options to update our space to provide more permanent meeting rooms, offices and devotional space within the worship area.

St. Bernard's is a community of people who are dedicated to their faith and each other. Opportunities are numerous to become involved and be an active participant. We were a faith community long before the bricks and mortar enabled us to gather under the roof of our parish home. Truly it can be said...WE ARE ST. BERNARD'S, TOGETHER WE ARE CHURCH!